My Goals for 2014

2013 Goal Flop

I failed a lot in 2013.  Honestly, I did.  Below is a snapshot of all the goals I set up, and I don’t think I achieved any of them.  Seriously, look how many there are.  This new year, I didn’t feel like doing any goals even though research show people who use goals are more successful.  Honestly, I’m afraid of failing again.

A spreadsheet of my 2013 Goals
All the Goals I tracked in 2013

Ignorance is bliss?

When you don’t measure something, you don’t have a chance at failing.  2 months ago I made a plan to lose all my excess weight by the time we moved in March.  I lost 10 pounds in the first month from tracking how much water I drank, how much I ate, and how much I worked out.  Once the holidays hit though, I didn’t bother to track anymore, because I knew I didn’t want to hold myself accountable

It’s the same with blogging.  I stopped tracking, how many times I blogged, because I knew I pushed it off failing.  That’s part of the reason I’ve gone completely radio silent this past month.  Blogging is supposed to help get my name out there, and make me more comfortable with sharing my inner thoughts. Fail #2.

Get Back Up!

These are just two of the goals I set out last year.  So this year, why bother trying and failing again?

Because we learn from our failures.  Because failing means we get to practice at getting back up after we fail.  That’s the only time you get to practice that key habit to success and happiness.

Learning from Failing

So this year, I have fewer goals.  I’ve learned from my failure of setting too many goals.  If I didn’t set any it meant I would’ve been beaten and stayed down. This year I look forward to achieving my goals, and when I inevitably fail some of them, I look forward to learning from my failures.