Are There True Callings?

I stumbled on a TED talk discussing how some of us don’t have one particular calling, and that it’s okay.

I read one book on Mastery and wrote about it, and it says to become a Master you need to focus on a skill intensely for a long time.

A different book on Mastery I read recently, talks about how some people jump from profession to profession until they find themselves discovering a niche they fit that combines all of their skills (but the book also states you need to focus intensely on a skill and practice it deliberately).

I am skeptical about the video and think this might be an excuse for people to be lazy and make an excuse not to focus on anything.  By people, I mean me.  I’ve been distracted before.

I think it’s a valid answer to people like me who find multiple skills interesting however, I will remain careful and not use it as an excuse to be forever unfocused.

(After Post Notes: Whole lotta “I’s” in this post…)