What I learned in August 2015

August was a month of growing clarity on where I want to take my business, as well as my artistic workflow.

I also took a week off to go on vacation, so that’s a week gone.

Let’s get into detail:

Education Updates

Only four additions!  Whoa, that’s tiny, but I’m realizing that on the art side of things, I’m becoming more confident in my abilities, and don’t need to rely on tutorials as much.

In fact, I hereby vow to limit my tutorial purchase to, at most, one per month.

Also, one art tutorial was Grey tier, and cost $600.  I would rather have spent the money on a direct mentorship, rather than a classroom setting.  My wife and I sucked it up, and learned from the experience.  I’ve solidified in my mind that I’m not a fan of classroom learning anymore.

As far as books read for the month, I’ll make another post on that soon, but pretty much, I started a bunch of books on conservatism, and couldn’t finish them before they were due back at the library.

The books were interesting, but also thought intensive.  I’m wondering if I’m more interested in making politically stylized games, which take influence from books like 1984.

Work Updates

I’m pretty confident with workflows for making art, now it’s time to actually complete artwork.

As far as my game goes, it’s still on the back burner…Oye.

Life Updates

I started doing Crossfit today, as I’ve missed being in shape.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, and unfortunately, lost some then gained it all back and then some…Yea, so…I’m switching strategies and trying this out.

Here’s to the next month!