Capturing IndieDev Ideas with Evernote

Capturing IndieDev Ideas with Evernote

Since becoming an IndieDev, there’ve been a host of tools I’ve tested out since trying to stay organized, while Trello helps me stay organized, and create systems,  Evernote has been my other ally in staying organized.
Human brain

Capture Everything

Ever have an idea for something that you know is good but you never wrote it down?  What about that stray game idea that you want to do justice to?

Evernote is my extended digital brain.  I’ve suffered from something that I cannot let go of, to something that I know I’ll only touch once and then be done with it.  Evernote allows me to record these ideas.

Get it Done

David Allen’s, Getting Things Done, says that recording ideas as they come and getting them into a system where you can use them, helps to concentrate on the task at hand.

I’ve mentioned that when you’re constantly switching between states, you continue to lose brain power and focus.

Having a tool in which you can write down what’s on your mind quickly and organize it, and then later return to will help you give the idea justice, while allowing you to return to the task at hand.

Here’s some ways I use Evernote

  • Social Media Ideas – I’ve got lists from other websites for generic ideas, that I’ve compiled and captured many of my own specfic ideas.  If ever I’m feeling like I’m running out of ideas, I return to it.
  • Video Game Ideas – There are some game ideas I play through in my mind that I continue to go back to.  One involves my friends from college, that is a big inside joke, but whenever I get the itch or am feeling nostalgic, I go to it and work on their abilities.
  • Blog Templates – Starting from nothing can be a very daunting task.  Having a template to kickstart your blog post helps that much more for when you know you should be writing.
  • Journaling – I’ve mentioned about keeping a journal to document your thoughts on.  Keeping a record about life just helps to get thoughts and worries out of your head and onto paper.

Evernote’s helped to expand and capture thoughts, and is vital to my business and life thoughts.

What do you use to capture your thoughts?  Leave a comment below!