I blog.

I find it therapeutic for the hard stuff in life, helpful in getting my thoughts out, and good practice for airing my own opinions (something that doesn’t come naturally).

A blogger I follow says you should have seven to eight categories.

These are my categories for blogging which will keep me focused, and help set our expectations.

  • Art – I’m learning art, so any progress on my art skills, art tutorial reviews, or anything of such nature.
  • Business – Marketing, Productivity and Business. Not creative tasks that I’m learning. Being a solo developer means I own a business, so I should learn skills in those areas.
  • DevLog – This is the progress I’m currently making in my game development. Screenshots, videos and any other progress.
  • Faith – Whenever I talk about Faith, it’ll be here.
  • GameDev – Anything covering the categories of Game Design, Game Development or just design in general.
  • Inspiration – Things that inspire me, or that I write to inspire others (which are actually written to reinforce in myself).
  • Politics – I’m learning and forming opinions about Politics, this is where I’ll post as I figure it out.

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