Tired of Learning by Copying

I’m tired of copying art.

When I first started out learning art, I was insecure and unsure about what to do. All my art paled in comparison to what I wanted it to be.

Transitioning to a different career and skillset at the age of 27, also brought along a whole bunch of expectations of where I should be at my age. Plus it took a while to find out where I wanted to focus my efforts.

So I coped by copying. Not passing the art I created as my own, but using pretty much the exact same brush strokes or modeling procedures, to try to recreate what other artists who I looked up to, do.

This is actually a legitimate step in learning that the book, Mastery, helped reaffirm. A couple of the teachers from my completed Gumroad tutorials say you shouldn’t copy but I think sometimes they forget what it’s like to be completely new at something.

So after doing so many copying techniques through all my art training, I’m starting to realize that I like learning how other artists use their techniques, but I’m not interested in doing their art anymore.

I want to practice and try my own. I want to build my own worlds, or make fan art of worlds that I enjoy.

So from now on, rather than copying art, I’m going to start modifying it slightly or entirely.

Lion Root Art Influences

I’m taking a course on How to Draw Comics (You’ll see it added to IndieDev Education when it’s over in 2 months).

One of the exercises is to write about my artistic influences.

I’ve been using Pinterest for the past 6 months, making Public and Secret Boards about things that I enjoy looking at, and this actually helped me to find out what art style I enjoy.

Here’s the image, as well as the influences.

Bryan Fishers Influence Map

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How To Draw Art Book Completed

The How to Draw art book is everything I needed for a foundational book on drawing.

It’s so good, I actually purchased it after borrowing it from my local library.

Understanding perspective is a foundational aspect of drawing, and this book goes into it heavily.

It also gives good exercises to practice.

Here’s the results the final exercise and my practices.