A Quote on Reading from John Adams

“I have read my eyes out and can’t read half enough,” John Adams once lamented in a letter to Abigail. “The more one reads, the more one sees we have to read.”

The books keep coming in, and the more I read, the more I see that I need to read more.  What was I doing before I discovered books?

John Adams was right.

Problem Solving Faith and Politics

As I thought about expanding my blog to include topics of politics and faith, I realized why I want to do it.

Blogging helps me to think things through logically.

When I figured out engineering problems, I would start by collecting all the data given in the problem, listing them, write out the equations / assumptions given, then go about solving the problem. I really like this method of problem-solving.

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Tired of Learning by Copying

I’m tired of copying art.

When I first started out learning art, I was insecure and unsure about what to do. All my art paled in comparison to what I wanted it to be.

Transitioning to a different career and skillset at the age of 27, also brought along a whole bunch of expectations of where I should be at my age. Plus it took a while to find out where I wanted to focus my efforts.

So I coped by copying. Not passing the art I created as my own, but using pretty much the exact same brush strokes or modeling procedures, to try to recreate what other artists who I looked up to, do.

This is actually a legitimate step in learning that the book, Mastery, helped reaffirm. A couple of the teachers from my completed Gumroad tutorials say you shouldn’t copy but I think sometimes they forget what it’s like to be completely new at something.

So after doing so many copying techniques through all my art training, I’m starting to realize that I like learning how other artists use their techniques, but I’m not interested in doing their art anymore.

I want to practice and try my own. I want to build my own worlds, or make fan art of worlds that I enjoy.

So from now on, rather than copying art, I’m going to start modifying it slightly or entirely.