Light at the End of the Tunnel: My First Released Game

My last post on recognizing that I need to plan a vision for my company left me a little lost.

I tinkered around a bit with some things I have had on my mind and even thought about starting my own YouTube series to articulate what I’m learning in politics.

I recognized that conservatism doesn’t have a cool or funny voice like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

So I played with ideas of starting a YouTube show about different things I’ve learned about conservatism.

It took me on a bit of a mental tangent for a few days, until I decided, “I need to finish my game.”

So I focused solely on completing my game, submitted it to Apple, and started contacting friends and family to Beta Test it.

As soon as Apple approves it for Beta Testing, I’ll send it to my testers.

As for all those other thoughts, I’ll keep them on hold.  One thing at a time.