Light at the End of the Tunnel: My First Released Game

My last post on recognizing that I need to plan a vision for my company left me a little lost.

I tinkered around a bit with some things I have had on my mind and even thought about starting my own YouTube series to articulate what I’m learning in politics.

I recognized that conservatism doesn’t have a cool or funny voice like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

So I played with ideas of starting a YouTube show about different things I’ve learned about conservatism.

It took me on a bit of a mental tangent for a few days, until I decided, “I need to finish my game.”

So I focused solely on completing my game, submitted it to Apple, and started contacting friends and family to Beta Test it.

As soon as Apple approves it for Beta Testing, I’ll send it to my testers.

As for all those other thoughts, I’ll keep them on hold.  One thing at a time.

Update One to IndieDev Head to Head

I announced a while ago that I started an IndieDev Head to Head Competition against a fellow developer.

In the planning process, I had made big plans to create 4 small prototypes, and then have my followers help vote, but I quickly found my time during the day diminishing as I decided I want to increase my art skills.

So I decided I would revamp my first “game.” The game actually is nothing fancy and was never published, but I considered it done to move one.

It’s procedural too, which I like, and which is kind of trending on mobile, which is the target platform for our competition.

I originally got my ideas from Dead Space 3’s flying scenes, and from the initial scene of an anime called Escaflowne, which starts off with a dude falling through the sky. Here’s the Deadspace reference.


My first game was nothing like what I envisioned, but what can I say, it was my first game.

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Regaining the Inner Drive

I’ve talked about the death of two big dreams in my life and reaching disease inducing burnout, I found my inner drive completely squashed. I found it difficult to set and keep goals, deadlines, and routine.

But things are changing, and I’m starting to see more clearly.

Time does heal wounds.

I’m eager to get back into working hard.

(This actually started as a post about having a lack of drive, but I’m finding I’m finally rebounding)