Choosing a Company Name

This is part of a larger series of becoming an Independent Video Game Developer

Choosing a Company Name felt very difficult for me.  Companies go through some noticeable name changes throughout their histories.  Here’s what I learned through the process.

Make it Original

First off, I started thinking about me.  I wanted to name a company, and therefore wanted the company to reflect my name.  That was a mistake.  Growing up, my nickname was Fish.  Since I am of a larger stature, I thought Big Fish Studios would be perfect.  I filed the paperwork, and shortly after discovered, that there is already a company named that and they are quite popular.

Make it Easy to Spell

Thinking that video games should be fun and entertaining, I decided that I needed to next use a fun name.  Still stuck on the idea of fish, since that’s what I’ve always been called, my buddy called my Fishopotamus one day, which is a cross between a fish and a hippopotamus.

My issue at the time of the name change, was that I didn’t know how to spell hippopotamus, so instead of a simple to spell name that people would remember, I wound up with Fishapotamous.  Where did the ‘a’ after fish and the o in the ending come from?  I don’t know.

If you don’t know how to spell it, other people won’t know how to spell it, let alone go to the website.  So instead of a clever name, I got an idiotic name.

Make it a Meaningful Company Name

Naming a company after your own name isn’t very cool I’ve decided.  It’s focused inwardly, instead of outwardly.  By the end of the previous two name changes, I no longer wanted it to resemble my name.  I wanted it to have meaning.  My corporation will be making Christian Themed games, so I wanted it to do something with Christ.


A picture of a Lion Coming out of Roots
A Lion from Roots

Lion of Judah, Root of David, are other names known for Christ.  I personally like Lions and find them to be majestic, and I grew up in the woods and love the wilderness.  LionRoot felt like a perfect match, and is a name I can go on with for a long time.  It’s the perfect match.

What other aspects do you think should go in a Company Name?