What I Learned in December 2015

(I know this is late, but I’m catching back up, and will hopefully be on schedule soon. – Bryan)

December was a month of growing clarity and focus.
It seems like the past five months of wandering started to come together.

Education Updates

Learn Squared Introduction to 3d Concept Design by Jama Jurabaev – (Art, Purple Tier) – 3d Coat was a program that is non-intuitive, but the techniques Jama teaches helps bring together the ability to do concept art in 3d. Since I did the $200 package for learning, I got to see how Jama’s apprentice, Anthony Jones (another professional), learned 3d. It was neat to see where he struggled and brought his personal touch to the 3d concepts.

Learn Squared Futuristic Character Design by Maciej Kuciara – (Art, Purple Tier) – I’d purchased some of Maciej’s tutorials before on Gumroad, and they helped a lot. Seeing how he combined 2d and 3d together, while also introducing me to Fusion 360, made the course worthwhile. With the $200 package, I got to see how Ash Thorp (another professional in a similar field), brought it together. It’s encouraging to see that even professionals go through difficulties learning new software.

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt – (Business, Purple Tier) – This course helped me create, find the reasons for, and focus on my goals for 2016. I really do believe that goals are important.  A lot of the business books I read talk about how setting goals leads to success, helps you grow, makes you happier, and makes you feel more fulfilled. I’m off to a fresh start, let’s see how I do this upcoming year.

Truth Overruled by Ryan T. Anderson – (Politics, Purple Tier) – “Because the Bible says so,” isn’t an argument against Legalizing Gay Marriage for those who don’t believe in the Bible (even for some who do believe in the Bible, it’s not enough). The author of this book breaks down rationally for why marriage should be legally reserved between a man and a woman, the dangers of judicial activism that overruled state’s freedom to choose, and how to go about defending the movement to restore it to a state’s decision.

Prager University’s Youtube Channel – (Politics, Blue Tier) – Simple 5 minute breakdowns on Conservative beliefs. Some 2d animations make it slightly more interesting than the usual boring way to learn politics as a conservative, although, it’s still not very young and trendy.

Work Updates

I successfully submitted my game to the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, they were on vacation for Christmas and New Years, so I’m looking forward to making progress with that next year. I feel determined to beat the resistance, and get this game out for multiple platforms (iOS, Apple TV, Android).

Upon going through, (though not completing) the educational courses stated above I felt really encouraged to start creating 3d assets for a new game I want to make. I met with issues in the technical side of it for four days, and got really down. Eventually, I consented to ask for help on the 3d Coat forums. A swift helpful response altered my belief about people on the internet, and am looking forward to fixing my mistakes. There’s some personal growth there, as I’m someone who often tries to figure out things on my own.

I started working on my third project, a remake of LoLSum, the side project that so far has made me a few dollars through advertisements since its release in the beginning of the year. While I might worry that I’m sinking my time into something that might not yield the results I want again, it’ll help sharpen some programming skills for developing an app in the future I’ve been wanting to make. One of the alternative branches I thought about pursuing in the Army was to be a statistician. Even though I thought I wanted to leave the Math / Engineering / Programming side of me behind, I still find myself drawn to it. Hopefully, I’ll succeed in marrying my left and right sides of the brain someday.

Life Updates

Taking Michael Hyatt’s Goals course stated above helped me to focus more on building momentum. This month, I curtailed taking time off for other reasons and tried to create my rhythms, routines, and momentum. I’m hoping to build this up and achieve my goals for the next year. I returned to finish this post by the end of January because I want to achieve my goals. I’m putting more effort into time management, and goal accomplishment. I realize this post is almost a month late, but hey, better late than never.

Also, I’m starting to gain back my energy since taking up Crossfit a few months ago. Some days I get down about how in shape I used to be, as well as the kind of discipline I used to have, but it’s nice to return to it. Maybe I should start posting my workouts on Facebook (haha, just kidding, that’s an annoying practice by some Crossfitters).

Here’s to Next Month

I’m really looking forward to the next months, and year of building momentum in my projects and life.