Design a Logo

This is part of a larger series of becoming an Independent Video Game Developer

After you choose a Company Name, choosing a company Logo can be very frustrating.  One easy way to do it is to go about this is to use 99designs, but if you’re indie, then you probably want to do it on your own to save money and build skills.

Start with the Name

Since my company name, Lion Root, has to do with Lions and Roots, I thought my logo should resemble both Lions and Roots.  Team Meat, has a picture of Meat Boy, which resembles meat, and Infinite Ammo has a picture of…ammo. Literal or figurative, your logo should have meaning.

Get some Inspiration

For me, I started with Lions.  Personally, I haven’t drawn Lions enough to memorize the way to draw them, so I Google Image searched Lion, and Lion Logos.  Having a general understanding of how Lion’s look helps, but also seeing other logos gives a good idea of features that distinguish lions.  The Eyes, the Mane, and the Mouth stuck out to me most.

For the roots, I searched Roots, and Root Logo on Google Image Search.  Roots can be both intricate and small and straightforward and large.  The roots of a tree can be massive and thick, while the roots of a flower are significantly smaller.  All roots branch off and split.  In terms of drawing, and later printing, having thicker roots felt like the best way to go.

Start Sketching

Several Pictures of Roots that have a lion coming out of them
The beginning pictures I’ve used.

So at that moment I transitioned to my tablet and photoshop.  I sketched several out, and took derivations of it.  There was even a super simple one with a square root sign over the name lion which I liked, but it didn’t feel creative enough.  Maybe in the future I’ll use it.  I made some pictures, played with the line use and toyed with the black and white contrasts.  I started to like the black with the white on the bottom, but I didn’t feel like the lines looked like roots as much as the top picture did.


Finally, I decided to go with a combination of the top and bottom.  I chose to go with a black background and white lion because it symbolically shows the Lion Root as light in darkness, as Christ is in the world.  Having solid black eyes didn’t seem right since the eyes are the gateway to the soul, so having light coming out of the eyes further pushed that home.  You can see I used thick roots.  Having the roots come forward rather than behind gave a larger mane, which to me symbolized more majesty.  I didn’t have a lion roaring either, since I like to think of Jesus as not angry all the time.  Opposite of that, having a smiling lion would look silly too.  The distinguishing lion beard and nose bump remain.

Picture of a lion root
Almost to the Final Logo

Creating a logo only takes a few steps, but the process can take hours.  Overall, about 5 hours went into this project over the course of a week.

Final Logo Design

A picture of a lion face with roots coming out of it
The Final Logo Design I went with

At some point, your minor tweaks aren’t really tweaks, but mind tricks to make you think you’re making progress, when you’re really not.  My final moves where to have 3 main branches, and try to get the viewer’s eyes settle on the eyes, but they settle a little down and to the right of it.  At that point, you’re done.  Feel free to link your logo in the comments.

*Note from the future – I actually decided to update mine after I was told it looked too much like LionHead

What does your logo look like?