The Division Cinematic and my Indie Dev Game

The Division Cinematic

I Want to Do That

Ultimately, that’s what I want to be able to do.  To create games that inspire people, like this cinematic inspired me.

“But someone’s gotta be there, to pick it up, to push back, put the first back together.  Put us all, back together.”

By using with words like “our city”, or how “fragile, we really are,” the viewer gets a feeling that they’re already part of the story, and they’re here to help put the world back together.

Whoever wrote those lines, did a masterful job.

More to the Experience

The combination of music, and camera motion made this game an instant interest to me, and it doesn’t even show any game play.

Everything surrounding a game, contributes to the overall experience, not just the game itself.

We’ll Get There

While I’m not capable of creating a trailer like this now, it’s something I can still learn from.

If you’re a fellow IndieDev starting out, just remember while we can’t make these types of experiences yet, every effort, even the smallest, you put into your game gives you one more rep in building your IndieDev muscles.

What cinematic got you excited for a game?  Leave in link the comments.