I Hate History, but I Need to Learn It

I’m really bad at History.

In fact, to me, it’s boring.

I like technology, and I like new, and after reviewing my own history, I found three major reasons why I hate History.

1 – Rote Memorization – When it comes to memorizing facts, I’m horrible. Phone numbers, birthdays, Social Security Numbers, and most importantly in History, dates.  Give me equations, and variables that I don’t have to remember please.

2 – I received in-school suspension from my History teacher in High School – I came late to school often when my home-room was Physics, and the teacher didn’t mark me as late. It turned out that my favorite teacher, and subject, ever, was Physics. The following year, when I tried it in History, I got marked as late every time, which eventually lead to in-school suspension. Looking back, the teacher was doing his job, but it still leads to a sour memory of it.

3 – I almost didn’t graduate on time – D is for done. That was my motto after taking Military History at the United States Military Academy. In the final weeks before graduation, I rewrote my final 10+ page paper 3 times, to try and get a passing grade. I hated it. I’m pretty sure at the end, the teacher gave me a pity passing grade. It wasn’t until the day grades needed to be submitted, that my entire family (nuclear and extended) knew if I would graduate 6 months later in a small room (delayed graduate), or I would get to do the traditional hat toss with the rest of my peers in less than a week.

These factors lead me to start, and solidify my severe distaste for learning history.

But as I read more and more books on Politics, I’ve come to realize that the evidence to support political theories, comes from the past, and not just the United States’ History.

In fact, History contains the evidence for theoretical political views. They’re the proof.

So now I must embrace this subject that once caused me pain and grief.