Indie Game Developer Art Aspirations

Indie Game Developer Artistic Aspirations

When I finished my career in the military, I decided to make games, but also look into pursuing a past desire for being an artist.

Art moves me.

My friend growing up drew incredible comic art, and I always floundered trying to create like him.

But now was my chance to focus on it.

I wanted to be able to draw like the people below.

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Art Options

So I threw myself into it.

At the time I tried everything.  Each day I dedicated 2 hours to 3d art, 2 hours devoted  to 2d art, and two hours devoted to pixel art.

But, there’s so many artistic options to choose from and so many specialties.

What  I got from it, is that if I wanted to be the best artist in the world in one particular area, I’d needed to dedicate a lot more time to it, while still trying to make games.

Believe me, I thought hard about it too.

More Schooling

In fact, two 1-year schools that I really looked into at the time were:

  1. Gnomon School of Visual Effects – I bought some DVDs in college wanting to try to learn 2D art from them.  Ultimately, the military academy academic rigors dominated my time.
  2. Feng Zhu Design School – I followed Feng in the DVDs I bought from Gnomon, but then tuned into his Youtube Channel for free training when I got out.

My Decision

Ultimately, I decided to stay in the Poconos of PA and learn on my own.

Really, my wife and I aren’t even a year out of her getting out the military, and going to those schools above are serious commitments for a family with a child.

So those training opportunities are on hold for now, and I’ll be self-taught, at my own pace, in-between making my game and learning about everything else that goes into being an Indie Developer.

What’re your artistic dreams?  Leave a comment below.