Informal Education

I don’t have any formal training as a developer.  I started my informal IndieDev Education in May 2012.

Prior to that I received my degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Aeronautical Engineering

I then went into the United States Army to be an Infantry Officer for 5 years

Self Education

These are the different categories I place my education into.  Click on the ones you’re most interested in or click on them all!  If you need help learning, I wrote a post on some tips for it.

Though I tried reading and learning in a lot of different categories, after the initial 2 years of trying to learn everything, I decided to focus on less. After 3 more years, I condensed it more.  Here’s what I’m continuing my education in

Still Active

  • Artist – I didn’t know anything about Art starting out. Now I can create working models and concepts.
  • Faith – I’m a Christian, so this forms the foundation of my beliefs.  I’d like to become more knowledgeable about it though.
  • Politics – I’m not sure how to articulate my political views.  I plan on levelling up my self-study.

The Graveyard

These are the areas that I made a conscious decision not focus on (as much). It hurt too, because I do enjoy some, but I think becoming really good at something is more rewarding than doing everything

  • Business – Making Video Games means we’re entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs need to know business to succeed
  • Designer – A Video Game has a lot of different parts to it.  From Story to Level Design, to Camera View, it all comes together to make the final product.
  • Marketer – I concentrated a lot of my efforts on this because, in many Video Game Postmortems, marketing constantly became the #1 fail of indies.
  • Musician –  I really loved learning music. Unfortunately, after reading a bunch of business books, I realized I can’t spread myself so thin, so I stopped pursuing this education for now.
  • Programmer – My degree in Engineering helped me to understand Programming in some way I think.  I’m a programmer lite.

Non-Video Game Education

They are still a big part of my life, and they influence my games and outlook.

  • Military – Before Video Games I served in the United States Military as an Infantry Officer.  Look inside to see what I learned
  • Life – This is an education for living life.  Pretty much any books I read that don’t fit into the above categories.

Tracking Changes

I like to keep a record of my educational growth.  It helps motivate me when I see that I’m growing in knowledge and skill.