Here’s my collection of games, mostly incomplete.

Beneath, you’ll get a brief description of my thoughts and lessons learned from it.

While sometimes I look at this page and feel overwhelmed, I realize I’m still in the beginning stages of my IndieDev journey.

<p”>There will be more!

Game Fails

These are the projects that I never completed.

  • Falling from Sky – My first game.  I quickly became frustrated with how poor it looked and gave up on it.  I wish I’d seen it through to the end to polish it and complete something.
  • The Valley Game – My project that I worked on, somewhat, for a year.  I learned that all the advice of other Game Developers give of trying to make a really big game is not a good idea.
  • Push the Brick – I tried the 1 Game a Month, and quickly blew the project into something that was too big for myself.  A recurring vice I’m trying to shed.

Game Wins

My failures above helped me a lot to learn from my mistakes and move on from there.  While I don’t have many game wins, I’m not giving up on making more and being successful.

  • Lady Bug Alert – This is my first completed game.  It has some bugs, and I made it in 48 hours, but the feeling of having completed something is awesome. I wrote a blog post about it.
  • Super Cloud Runner – My first official game.  Released on iTunes, and a commercial failure.  But hey, at least I completed it!

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