IndieDev Artist Tools

Here are most of the tools I use or used.  Good luck with learning, art.  It’s one of the hardest things I’ve tried to learn.

Also, I bought all these things instead of using pirated software.  I hate pirating.

Check out some of my art education to see what’s helped me

Pixel Art

  • Bit Font Maker– If you ever need to make a Pixel Font, this helps a lot.

2d Art

For a long time I wanted to learn 2d Art exclusively and do concept art.  That kind of changed as I wanted to have more fidelity on what I’m working on, so I mostly do 3d art now.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC – $10 (Monthly) Everyone in the Industry uses this.  For a monthly fee, you can use it.  It’s so much cheaper than CS6.  While I went with the entire creative cloud package at first, I think I only really need this one.

3d Art

3d art is just plain hard.  I’m so used to looking at great 3d art, that when I see mine, I cringe.  Sometimes I wish I never got interested, and just learned pixel art instead, but eventually, through work, my skills will get to the point of where I want them to be.

Purchases I’m Glad I Made
  • 3d Coat – $380 – This has almost everything you need for modeling, texturing and concepting.  I wish I learned on this.  It’s also really confusing.  This online learning really helped to understand the power of it.
  • ZBrush – $795 (Permanent) – For details and sculpting, this program is super powerful.  I think it was a good purchase, but the first months / year of learning it, I really found I hated the interface.  It’s so confusing, but that’s because it’s so powerful
  • Maya LT – $240 (Yearly) – Once you learn to model, texture and UV, you need to rig it and animate it.  This program can do that for you.
  • Marvelous Designer – $500 (Permanent) – Super cool cloth simulation.  You don’t need this, but if you want realistic cloth, this helps a lot.
  • Substance Painter Indie -$150 (Permanent) – For texturing your assets real nice like.
  • Fusion 360 – Free! – I’m glad I downloaded it.  If you want to make hard surface stuff, this helps alot.
  • Daz Studio – Free! – If you want to quickly create 3d characters, customize them, and pose them, this software is great.
  • Instant Meshes – Free! – Sculpt something super cool in 3d Coat and need a quick mesh?  Use this to quickly generate a mesh of it.
Purchases I’m Merh About Making
Purchases I Regret Making
  • Substance Designer Indie – $150 –  For procedural texture generation.  This is cool, and makes textures really small, but since Substance Painter came out, I don’t think I need this.
  • Maya 2013 – I bought this when first learning because I didn’t qualify for Educational rates.  They changed the upgrade process, and now I have software that’s unused.  Great.
  • Adobe CS6 – Why are all these Softwares screw me by going to subscription prices?  Main, I shelled this out, and then, I don’t get upgrade prices and they stop supporting it.  Lame
  • Adobe CS3 – I bought this in college while learning to become a soldier.  I wanted to learn art then.  Unfortunately, my workload became overwhelming, and I didn’t focus on art.  It cost a lot of money, and it came out of a loan we got as cadets.

Tools to Recommend?

If you know any tools that are easy to use, or could improve my workflow, let me know!