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Business Tools

Here are some things that I use for my business.

Gold Tier

Items in this tier wowed me.

  • Evernote – In case you haven’t noticed, I think better by putting things in categories and boxes.  Evernote helps me to organize all my thoughts and keep them for reference.
  • Google Sheets – This is what use for organizing and tracking spreadsheet data.  I’m a person who likes to track things, so I use this in many areas of my life.

Purple Tier

Items in this tier provided me supreme value for the cost and time invested

  • Omnifocus 2 – My Getting Things Done app.  It’s a task management app on steroids.
  • Camtasia 2 – My screen recording software that I use.  Record and show your work on Youtube, or record webinars you take.  It’s super useful.
  • Handbrake – For converting to different video formats.  Some videos need to be in different formats, this is a quick tool for that.

Blue Tier

Items in this tier provided me a good amount of value for the cost and time invested

  • Iskysoft Itube Studio – A lot of education is free on Youtube, Vimeo, and webinars.  I use this for recording them to then play them back at double speed using VLC.
  • VideoLan – This is a free program for watching videos.  I use this to play videos back at 1.5x normal speed, or for skipping around videos when doing art.

Green Tier

Items in this tier provided me some value for the cost and time invested

White Tier (None So Far)

Items in this tier provided me little to no value for the cost and time invested

  • 2012 Mac Pro – My first computer for my company.  I wanted to create games on iOS, so I needed a Mac Pro, I thought. After about 3 years into my company, I started to realize that I could’ve bought a more powerful PC for the same price, and the upgrades would’ve been easier.  I think I’ll transition to PC for my next big purchase.
  • Macbook Pro – My first laptop for my company.  Pretty much I followed the same thinking for my Mac Pro, but now I regret purchasing it.

Grey Tier (None So Far)

Items in this tier felt like value was taken away from me for the cost and time invested

Continuing Tool Finding

Growing a company takes a lot of work, and tools that make life easier helps a lot.  I plan on trying new ones and seeing which ones help me succeed.  I’ll keep them updated.

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In the interest of transparency, many of the links are affiliate links.