What I learned in July 2015

This is going to be a new monthly series covering what I’ve been up to in my learning, as well as struggles I may be facing along the way.

Education Updates

Education-wise, this month looked slow going, but was really insightful.  You can see this month’s additions here.

Two gold tier books this month!  Whoa.

The first book, Mastery, was great, and really helped comfort me on my creative journey.  Seeing that many masters had different paths, but kept working hard, really encouraged me that it’s okay to have varying interests, the key is to bring them together eventually.

The second book, Reading the Right Books, was a really simple read, but brought a map of learning politics in a conservative light, which was exactly what I need at this moment.

Work Updates

I started out this month well with blogging, but after deciding to also talk about politics, I brought on too much expectations for myself in my Mini Habits, and promptly froze online for half a month.

After an absence from blogging, I got the strong itch to return, which is similar to the feelings I had about art throughout my life.  I wonder if blogging is something I just need to do, as art turned out to be one of the essential parts of who I am.

In the art arena, I’m plugging away at tutorials, but altering them slightly since my decision to stop copying.  This pleased me very much, as mental images are starting to come together, as well as processes to achieve those designs.

It also turns out, that I really like combining 3d and 2d aspects.


I’m pretty much done purchasing Art Education, as I have about 40 tutorials purchases that I need to go through and apply, after that, I think I might be good to go.

I’m also thinking about starting to do Freelance, so I downloaded two courses on it to explore the idea further.

As for my Video Games, I’m majorly disappointed in myself for not making progress in them, especially my almost finished one.   I’m taking in stride, as other things in life have contributed to the postponement.  Maybe this month I’ll finish it, but in the mean time, I’m having a blast making art, and now, blogging.

Here’s to the next month!