What I Learned in November 2015

November was a month of losing momentum.

The previous months (September, October) of seemingly no progress in my understanding of what to focus on continued (things are getting better in December though).

Education Updates

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – (Business, Purple Tier) – Some books you just read at the right time in life. In case you’re new to this blog or haven’t noticed, my blogging efforts dried up considerably. This book brought up that success comes from momentum and routines. Two key pieces of success mentioned routinely in Self-Help books, and something that I never really focused (but will now).

How to Be Interesting by Jessica Hagy – (Business, White Tier) – More like a flip book of doing the opposite of what you think you should do, and then maybe doing a little of what you probably should do. Suggestions like, take a walk in the woods and reflect, but the next day, work hard and see what you get done. Too vague to be of practical use.

Work Updates

That Pestering Endless Runner

I made little to no progress on my endless runner. While I put it in beta near the beginning of the month, I took a long vacation (10 Days) while it was in Beta. That destroyed my momentum.  Changes to the Unity Engine and XCode brought up issues that I didn’t cause, so I had to week a weak while they patched their changes (this happened twice)

The setbacks demoralized me. Upon gaining the energy to make the code adjustments from beta testers inputs (increasing the length of time between ads), I attempted once again to upload it, and more bugs from updates arrived.

I also came to the conclusion that I don’t like mobile apps. The endless runner will be the last game I plan on making that doesn’t use a controller or keyboard. I returned my iPhone 6 to Amazon and planned on just borrowing my wife’s phone for any other bugs that come out when it gets to the Apple store.

Politican around

I started to read more about politics and learn from them during the past few months. I don’t update my education area a lot with them because the material is dry and hard to read through in one timeframe of interlibrary loans. In fact, I have notes on the following started:

  • Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman
  • The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism by Michael Novak
  • Free to Choose by Milton Friedman
  • The Conservative Mind from Burke to Eliot by Russel Kirk

My political knowledge continues to grow, but I find myself reluctant to share it.

Truthfully, I think it’s fear. The longer I put it off, the worse it gets. So this is now going to become a more political blog. I thought about starting a new one, but that’s a lot of work, and I don’t like going on the internet for long periods of time. So I’m aiming for a post a week on what I’m learning.

With that, my second game that I’m starting to work on will involve politics. Exactly how, I’m not sure, but there’ll be more design thoughts on this coming up.

Life Updates

My wife and I have been waiting to hear back from her going back into the government for an extended period now, and I realized I made a subconscious decision that’s affected my business.

If my wife received the position, she’d be gone for four months of training, something we’ve been dreading since being apart for the first 2 of the three years we were married.

So before she goes back in, I thought, “let’s savor every moment.”  I also said to myself:

  • “After all, I have my own business, and can have flexible hours.”
  • “Oh, we want to see relatives for ten days?  Let’s do it!” (Within consecutive months)
  • “Let’s be crazy and take a whole day off in the middle of the week, why not?”

But this line of though is exactly what’s been causing me to lose momentum.

While, after burnout, I was afraid of working too long, I find myself now, not working hard enough.

Through the past year, taking time off derailed me from my blogging progress earlier in the year.  Trying to figure out what to do next,  I picked up focusing heavily on art.

Then, another long period of taking time off hindered me from my decision to become a concept artist. Then with the last vacation in November, I found myself derailed again from art classes I’d  gotten into before the trip.

These longer periods of time off affected me, but I also found that during the weeks, really late nights messed up my eating habits, my exercise habits, and small gains I made in my projects.

For a while, I’ve been able to trick myself into thinking I’m doing this because of other people, but as most good self-help books remind you, it’s myself who is doing the choosing.

So I’m changing my choices for this next year, and intend to spend more time working.

Here’s to Next Month

This update is midway through December, but I can already tell, December is going to be a month of growing clarity and increasing momentum. I hope yours is too.