What I Learned in October 2015

October was a month of art and thinking.

In my previous monthly post, I talked about being conflicted as to what to do with art, making games, and politics.  That continued through the month of October, as I focused almost entirely on art.

Education Updates

Workflow and Brush Efficiency Parts 1 and 2  by Jama Jurabaev – (Art, Purple Tier) – These tutorials provided significant insights into how brush strokes play into the textures of a painting.  I never understood that before and now started focusing on where my strokes go.

Law of Increasing Awesomeness by Shaddy Safadi – (Art, Blue Tier) –  A focus on art concepts, and how to make something awesome.  Becoming good at art requires a lot of hours.

Art and Fear by David Bayles – (Art, Blue Tier) – All artists struggle… but don’t quit.  It’s going to take a lot of hours to become good, put in the time.

9 Things Successful People do Differently by Heidi Halvorson – (Business, Blue Tier) – A list of good habits to develop to become successful.  My takeaway was “if-then” planning.

Work Updates

This month I attempted to retry having goals.  Usually, I fail when I put goals down, which is why I started trying Mini Habits.

One goal was to invest 2000 hours into making art for a year.  This would help me to become good at art. (Two of the art education books / classes prompted this desire).

I stopped blogging, stopped working on my game, and started investing the time.

But, the amount of hours became too much for me.  So over the course of the month I reduced it to 1500, then 1000, then back to 1500, then up to 2000, then back to 1500 and at the end of the month reduced it to 1000. Even when I cut out gaming except for Sundays and tried working all day Saturdays, I still fell behind and couldn’t catch up.

My informal business education continually reinforces that to win in life; you need to be able to achieve goals.  It’s so frustrating that I regularly fail at it.  I started with five goals, and now I’m down to three.

I did manage to put my game in Beta, and I’ll be releasing it by the end of the month (now that I’m allocating it more time).

I apologize for the radio silence; I’m still figuring everything out.  I’ll post more.

Life Updates

My wife and I continue to go to Crossfit.  It feels better starting to get back in shape.  Also, as more people come for the first time, I’m no longer the weakest / slowest person there, so at least I got that going for me.

Here’s to the next month.