The One Thing as an IndieDev

Yay Reading!

Recently I finished the book, the One Thing.  It was a bestseller on the Wall Street Journal.  It’s a great read.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

Few Choices to Many Choices

The life of an Indie isn’t easy.  I went from a military officer to the life of an IndieDev quickly.  Officer’s career paths are pretty easy to understand: platoon leader, to executive officer to staff position to whatever’s next on the list.

When I became an IndieDev, the multiple disciplines that I could choose from, the different games I could create, and the strategies for the business side of things became an overwhelming buffet of choices.

Choice overload overwhelmed me, and I drank from a fire hydrant of not knowing what to focus on for the past two years.

I didn’t know what I wanted, so I tried it all, 2d Art, 3d Art, Music, Programming, and all sorts of Marketing.

Jack of All Trades

I didn’t feel like I was on the path towards a specific direction and I couldn’t see where to go.   I now have a little bit of strength in each area, but am a master of none.

The one thing
The One Thing!

Enter, The One Thing.

While there’s many other topics covered, I gleaned that the major premise is to ask the main focusing question in all you do.

The Focusing Question

What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easieror unnecessary?

Taking that question, I apply it to what I’m working on currently as an IndieDev.

A project that’s overwhelmed me, but have returned to once again, except this time, I ask myself, what’s the ONE Thing I need to do, that in so doing, will make my video game development easier, more enjoyable, or closer to completion?

For me, it’s Voronoi Diagrams at the moment.

What’s it for you? 

Leave your answer below, short or long, however it helps to answer it.