Problem Solving Faith and Politics

As I thought about expanding my blog to include topics of politics and faith, I realized why I want to do it.

Blogging helps me to think things through logically.

When I figured out engineering problems, I would start by collecting all the data given in the problem, listing them, write out the equations / assumptions given, then go about solving the problem. I really like this method of problem-solving.

So it will be with trying to figure out Faith and Politics on my blog.

Currently, I’m unable to properly articulate why I oppose and agree with some liberal and conservative viewpoints , so I’ll be reading books (collecting the data), listing my own experiences (data already collected) and try using logic to
arrive at my conclusions (writing out the equations and solving).

I’m not saying that everyone would arrive at the same equation. Especially considering my collected data is probably a lot different from yours.

Here’s some of my starting data. You can compare it with your own:

  • Grew up in a loving conservative Christian family
  • Descendant of a father who lived the American dream.  My dad’s dad was a garbage man, and through schooling and hard work, my Dad became a successful businessman
  • Witnessed on live television, terrorists flying a plane into the Twin Towers and saw them fall
  • Grew up in the forests and mountains of Pennsylvania
  • Performed terribly in History and has a predisposition to not liking it
  • Played Magic the Gathering and Video Games growing up
  • Exposed and believes in the DARE program to keep kids off drugs
  • Seen the effects of a church split and is a Protestant
  • I’m the husband of a type A woman who went to the United States Military Academy, deployed to Afghanistan, and was a Military Police Officer
  • I took care of my newborn daughter for a year while my wife worked
  • My wife took care of our toddler daughter for a year while I learned a new profession
  • I’m a white man who grew up in Politically Correct America

There’s a lot more in there, but we’ll get to those eventually as I sort things out.

I also decided to split off some of my IndieDev Life education into Politics and Faith.