I Just Found the Biggest Productivity Secret Ever

It happened two weeks ago to me, and I’m running with it.

This one simple trick improved the amount of time I spent doing the projects that really mattered.

It increased the amount of time I spent with my wife and daughter.

I did it for a week, two weeks ago, and I admit, it did hurt a bit.

What did I do?

I turned off the internet.

No status updates, no twitter chats, no email checking, no nothin.

It hurt too. I felt really guilty about it. Everything in my marketing education says that I should be online and everywhere at once.

But I can’t shake how many blog posts I wrote (5 on the computer and 3 in my notebooks). I feel good that I actually committed to drawing each day (7 days straight so far), and I there is no guilt of wasted time.

The only guilt, is that I’m not building the connections that I wanted, but even then, I’ve had more people email me about my thoughts that I shared lately, so I don’t feel as bad.

I’m going to be exploring this more.

Can you try it with me?