All the projects I’d like to create overwhelms me. I want to learn the skills to create all of them. Unfortunately, the profitability of them is questionable.

I’ve torn myself apart trying to spread myself to be able to gain skills to accomplish them. It reminds me of when I first left the military, so excited about all the ways I could point myself in my life, while naively thinking I can do it all. Unfortunately, I can barely do one.  I’m hoping by listing them here, and tabling the ones I can’t focus on, I’ll be more comfortable creating priorities for the ones I want to finish the most.

I hope to implement pictures and a separate page for each of these. Check back!

Current Projects

Android Arts for Conservatives – I’m trying to work out my politics while learning to be creative as well. Android Arts seems like it helped the author of the website guy to get his ideas out, and I like that, I’d like to do that for conservatism.

Multiplayer VR Game – My wife and I just started playing VR games together.  I’d like to make a game that matches our desired level of fitness for it, as well as one that is cooperative.

Personal Masters in Conservatism – Similarly to the Personal MBA listed below, I can’t afford to go to an institution to learn the knowledge of Conservatism, nor do I want to at the moment.  However, I want the knowledge and understanding in defending my political belief.  This will help me to organize my journey.

A Place for my Projects to Rest

Autodidact Tracker – Since I don’t want to give my money to liberal institutions, I wish there was a way that rewards someone who used their discipline that someone paid an institution to teach them. I think the knowledge of this can be gained by reading, listening to podcasts and practising (engineering, healthcare professionals, etc not included). I wish there were free curriculum and tests, and certificates to showcase this. There might be, if so, please let me know. I’m interested in art, theology, and politics.

Kids VR – My daughter had such a great time with Oculus First Contact, but unfortunately, her height is an encumbrance in the world.  It’s super cool to see her get more hand-eye coordination through it, but I thought it would be more enjoyable for her to do something that little girls do.  Like a little princess.  The colours would also be spectacular, like True and the Rainbow Kingdom, one of her favourite shows.

League Client for Conservatives – League of Legends is my favourite game.  A lot of time beforehand is spent waiting for games to form, and analyzing your stats from other games.  I would want a Client for my own games, where you could make conservative friends, and look at stats, and build pages to analyze information, or maybe the news cycle.  The joy of buying things, with the sound effects and awesome animations creates a reward cycle that keeps you going.  I’m not sure what people who don’t play games would buy, or what the animations would provide.  I thought I might figure that out as I go.

Conservative Logos Bible Software – Logos Bible Software is amazing. It can look up information, cross reference any passage in the Bible on just a hover or click.  It’s made Bible Study more consistent so that when a book I’m reading quotes scripture that I don’t have memorized I don’t have to open up my Bible.  It keeps the flow and understanding of whatever I’m reading.  I wish there was something with conservative ideas.  Maybe a link back to the constitution, or the founder’s notes.  In current events, when an article is posted on a liberal website stating how great socialism, there would be quick access to the history of all the failed socialist states.

Note – The League Client for Conservatives and Conservative Logos Bible Software – I think these are actually two problems that can be rolled into one solution.

Little Conservative Inside – The Aesthetics for the unreleased video game, Little Devil Inside, I think is spectacular. It’s intriguing. I realize I enjoy neat shape design, with stylized graphics vs ultra-realistic games (though those can be fun too). I’d like to make a game with this style, but with Conservatism. On one idea I think of a Zelda-ish game with a big overworld, but then I think of a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds type game. I enjoy looting, and also the constant dynamic of people that creates a unique challenge each time, as well as providing a competitive edge to it.

Memory Palace in VR – I’m horrible at Rote Memorization.  I need formulas and diagrams to survive.  Having a memory palace to store facts can be used with your imagination, but I thought that being able to load one up in the VR, would quickly help.  Environment creators could create paths and layouts for players to automatically input the data they’d like to learn, and then load it up quickly.  For Gamers, locations in Virtual Worlds could be used, such as buildings in Ogrimmar from WoW, or places in Kokiri Forst for Zelda players.  The application for High Schoolers, it would help for History Dates (a remedy for pain in my past).  I would use it for Bible Study.

Personal Masters of Business Administration – This is something I started up a long time ago.  It’s a list of books someone posted that he thinks avoids the cost of an MBA while keeping all the knowledge.  You gain a lot of the prestige of getting an actual certificate and more opportunities, but since I just want the knowledge, I’ll take this route.