Right Content

Struggling to Know

Perhaps one of the greatest struggles in creating a new business, is knowing how to draw people back to my website.  During my time learning about businesses, several books recommended creating new content through writing, speaking, or videos. As I blogged, I became conflicted.  I didn’t know what the right content I needed to blog about was.

Conscious Violation

Coming off of severe burnout from the Army, I found it difficult to not blog about what I learned from nine years in the military (4 of which from the United States Military Academy). As Lion Root is about Video Games, I felt that I would be insincere to bring people back to my website, and they get bombarded about my intense personal views, when all they wanted was to check on the development of my games.

Right Content

After consulting with friends, and looking at websites of a blogger I respect, I came to the conclusion to split the content.  After taking a few stutter steps by creating three blogs, I narrowed it down to one two, Sincere Fish for faith, politics and life, and Lion Root for Video Game development and art displays, though, I will cross promote on occasion.

*Note from the future – I decided to go down to one, this one.


So thank you for your patience while I discovered the right content to blog about.  This website will be updated a little more frequently with the progress I make in my Video Games, and my art / programming skills.