What I Learned in September 2015

September was a month of confusion.

While the beginning of August I was heavily into learning concept art, a long vacation let my mind reset, and I found that art is something I want to continue, but not focus on exclusively.

Education Updates

White Guilt (Politics, Gold Tier) – A very insightful look at what happened to American values, and how they changed, some for the better, and some for the worst. It helped articulate where affirmative action came from, how it’s hurting blacks in America and is used to assuage the guilt of white’s. I started to write about it, and will write more as I process what he said in my mind. It was a book I couldn’t put down in two days.

The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success (Business, Blue Tier) – A decent book on what to do with information overload. It helped me to realize that I need to continue to narrow down what it is I want to do. It reminded me of the marketing material I was learning earlier in the year, and even included some of the backend sales techniques

DotCom Secrets (Marketing, Grey Tier) – Coming fresh off The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint, I read this book. It was on the spot with describing how to sell information products and was very familiar with the things I used to study. It had little to no value on what I’m doing now, other than generating a belief that there should always be increasing value options for people who want to spend the extra money.

Managing Your Day to Day (Business, Green Tier) – A book recommended by one of the Concept Art podcasts I started listening to. It reinforced that I needed a routine, so my wife and I started to get real strict about sticking to one. (This has allowed us to get more rest and be more productive!)

The Art of Making the Dark Knight Trilogy (Art, Green Tier) – Just some insights into Christopher Nolan’s mind and how they went about making the movie.  There are some art and design tips there that are useful.

There were a couple of comic books I read for enjoyment, but even though they were interesting; I didn’t think I should include them.

Work Updates

As I read more about politics and frustrated at how conservatism gets bashed in the media constantly, I thought about trying to learn how to make a show that’s entertaining except, from a conservative standpoint.

I’ve read that businesses die not by a lack of good ideas, but by drowning in them. So I cut off my thoughts and decided that I just need to finish my first released game.

I thought about expanding my game substantially by adding two game modes, have new artwork, and implementing a currency system.  After seeking advice from my wife, I decided it would be better just to finish this one, and move on.

So I finished it, uploaded it, was about to made a quick correction and iOS 9 came out, a new version of Xcode, and a new version of Unity. With all these updates came a new list of bugs for my game, I felt silly for making it seem to my friends and family that at any minute an email would be coming for them to beta test my game.

You live, and you learn.

As of today, the bugs are fixed, the game is sent back to Apple with their initial corrections, and I’m waiting for the response.

Life Updates

I watched a tutorial on procedurally generated games, and one of the panelists created a game called Darkest Dungeon.

Having solely played Hearthstone for the past five months I gave Darkest Dungeon a try.  It took up a day of my life as I played it non-stop, it was so fun.  I eventually uninstalled it because it was too much for me to handle.  Now I only install it on Sundays, my day off, to play for a bit.

Here’s to the next month.