Making Smart Finance Decisions Yesterday

One day, on the way home from work while an officer in the Military, I tuned into Dave Ramsey’s Radio Show.

If you don’t know, Dave Ramsey is a Christian Businessman who sums up his financial stance by saying “Debt is Dumb, Cash is King”

The whole idea, is: you don’t borrow money, you get rid of your credit cards, you have a budget, you save money, and you give.

Each episode, he features at least one person who has listened to his show, followed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and gotten out of debt, followed by a motivational scream of “We’re Debt Free” played to the scream of Mel Gibson’s “Freedom!” from Braveheart.

Little did I know, that tuning into that radio station, would help finance my complete 180 degree career change (military infantry aeronautical engineer degree holder to aspiring game developer / concept art?).

Not only is money important in business, it’s important in marriage.

It’s the #1 cause of divorce in America.

So my wife and I took the online Financial Peace University class, and got on board using cash (or debit), reviewing our budget, and saving for a rainy day.

We lived frugally, and while we were both deployed, we saved our money.

That’s how we’ve been able to finance our adventure so far.

If you’re looking to do something adventurous with your money some day, or just want peace of mind, I recommend listening in.