Some Beats None

I dreamed of making Video Games as a child.  I played them and through each of them my imagination soared.  For times, I became part of those worlds.  My friend was a bit of a programmer, so we’d talk about making a video game.  I can remember one Sunday making sketches of ants that fought each other like ninjas.  Just think, not 2 swords, but 4 swords the ant could carry.  I thought, “It seemed like a lot of hard work though, it’ll probably get easier once we’re older.”

Making Video Games is Hard

At the United States Military Academy, I resumed that dream.  Since I still wanted to be an Aviator and future Astronaut, Aerospace Engineering felt like the logical choice.

Once I reached my junior year of college, the Army gives cadets a loan at a low interest.  Some cadets buy cars, some invest theirs, and some buy themselves a nice gift.  I bought myself a nice workstation and tutorial DVDs.  All I have to do is draw a little, and the creative energy will flow and I’ll be a natural.  It’ll just take, a little hard work.

My classes consumed me at the Academy, and later, the Army work life didn’t let up.  Just wait until I get out of the Army, then I’ll have the time to make Video Games.  I only education and experience in Leadership, Infantry Tactics, and Aeronautical Engineering. I thought it would only take a year to make enough money to sustain my family once my wife got out.

It’s been 1.5 years of not making any money.  As a Christian man, who believes 1 Timothy 5:8, it has been difficult not making any income.  Why isn’t God going to deliver me?  Was I making any progress?  Does my one Beginner Video Game mean anything?

Some Beats None

As I’m finishing up my Video Game Art classes, I agree with the book Start by Jon Acuff.  That in order to get to where I want to be, those tiny reps I’m doing, the small sketches, the simple games, the crummy 3d art, are all tiny reps.  Some Beats None, Jon says.  I agree.

A crude sketch of a boy
A Sketch I did recently. It’s not perfect, but it’s a rep towards my future goals.

If you’re making Indie Video Games, or some other project, remember, a little over time goes a long way.  Keep at it, and fit in as much as your schedule can handle.  Even if it’s 15 minutes here or there, remember, Some Beats None.

What small action can you take to get you where you want to go?