I Need a Strategy and a Vision

When I first started reading and learning about making games, forming my own business, and marketing myself, I learned that I needed a Strategy and a Vision.

The primary issue with that, was that I’d just gotten over severe burnout in the military, and was creating an entirely new skill set from being a Mechanical Engineer / Infantry Officer.

I didn’t know what I wanted!  I just blogged.

I’d read continually, that being aimless was wrong, and that I needed a vision.

So I created a grandiose vision, and came up with a strategy for marketing.  You can read the general idea of my strategy here.  It was actually working pretty well too.

Unfortunately, I increasingly realized that the path I was on, was not leading me in the direction I wanted, and I shifted gears.  Actually, I just kind of shut down, and was back to making my blog more of a journal.

I knew I was doing some things I enjoyed, but felt like I was missing others.

As the weeks and months went on, I secluded myself from the internet, I let my games, and Video Game challenge fall to the wayside and I struggled.

I saw my stats decline as I reset, and just focused on art, and reading.

It wasn’t until I read a recent book that I realized that I needed to figure out what I wanted.  I thought it was just to do concept art, but that wasn’t it.

It turned out, that I’m enjoying this process of learning about freedom, liberty, and conservatism.  I also like doing some concept art, and I like making games.

So I’ll be focusing on those while developing my strategy.

We’ll see where it goes from there…