Wishy Washy

Declaring Victory

I did it!  I made a game that contains a start menu, a win condition, and player interaction.  I hereby declare victory on making my game.


The End of Push the Brick
The End of Push the Brick

Wishy Washy

About 5 days ago, I became overwhelmed with my first game, The Valley.  I lost sight of completing the game, and became caught in the weeds.  I looked at the details, instead of the big picture.

So I started making a game I thought I could complete, a game that’s created for the sake of making a game.  Upon creating it on day 3, I realized this is the exact opposite kind of game I wanted to make.  In fact, it doesn’t touch in the realm of gaming that I enjoy.

Wrap It Up

So I created the start menu, learned how to progress from one area to the other, and finished it up.  Now it’s done.  Hey Yo!


For me, it was a momentum boost.  I continually lost momentum in making The Valley, that it really felt like I’d made no progress in the 2.5 years I’d been making games.

So that’s what I’m going to aim for from now on, small wins.

After all, Some Beats None